Blue stands for serenity and inspiration. It is the color of the sky and oceans. Blue is also the closest color to truth.

Bamboo is the quintessential Asian plant, that always bends but never breaks. A Chinese proverb says ‘Better to have a meal without meat than a house without bamboo’.

The Blue Bamboo story unfolds behind the iconic Blue Door, that once opened, takes the visitor on a unique journey. As the door shuts behind, the buzz and everyday distractions stay out. You are now in a peaceful place, where time has seemingly stopped. Find yourself surrounded by tropical lush vegetation, lavish facilities and warmhearted hospitality. Our villas Aoi, Mavi and Nillah, fittingly named after the color blue in Japanese, Turkish and Sanskrit, set the perfect stage for your ultimate tropical escape.

Blue Bamboo Villas was born of the idea to create an unforgettable, safe and unique holiday experience by offering the unrestricted luxury of private space and personalized service, while honoring Bali’s beautiful wildlife.

When feeling blue, come and knock on our door.